You can use concrete for more than just for your driveway; you can use it as an edging for your flowerbeds, pathways, patios, etc.  For smaller projects and concrete products, you can purchase bagged concrete from a manufacturer or you can hire a concrete contractor for larger jobs.

Patios and Sidewalks

Hire a concrete contractor to lay a sidewalk in your yard, such as in the front of your home leading up to your steps.  You may also want the contractor to lay a patio for you where you can sit outside and have barbecues, or just sit back and relax.

Edging For a Flower Garden

If you have a flower garden, you should put an edging around it. This not only makes it look nice, but it keeps out weeds and grass. You can use different sized concrete pieces to make it look unique, or you could use color. Concrete manufacturers can make your concrete just about any color you like. They can do this by mixing color in the concrete using a powder or liquid. They can also use an acid stain and acetone dyes.

Concrete Walls

If you would like a retaining wall in your yard, you can use concrete. It looks much like a natural stonewall, but it is less expensive. You could separate your flower garden from another area of your yard, or put up a retaining wall on the side of your yard and plant cascading vines around it. Climbing roses also look beautiful going up a retaining wall.

Concrete Stones

Concrete stones can be used to make a pathway that leads to your garden, or another area of your yard. You can use the stones to minim things like brick, cobble, and more.  Stepping stones is another choice that you can walk on when going to your garden.  Concrete stones look much like natural stone if they are stained. When finished, the stepping stones are simply pressed into the ground, so this is something you could easily do yourself.

Concrete Bench

Make a concrete bench to give you a place to sit outside. It is much more durable than other materials. You can have a name or a quote engraved on the bench. Many people like to put the name of a loved one that has passed away.

Decorative Pieces

You can use concrete to make a fountain in your backyard, or a birdbath. You could also have a concrete statue made. They hold up in any kind of weather, and they look great in any landscape design.

If you decide to use concrete in your yard, call a concrete contractor to mix the concrete for you. They can give you some tips on the best type of mix to use, as well as how to use it.