Whether you are packing away your seasonal clothes, holiday decorations, or extra furniture, you want to know that your belongings are secure. Self storage units, such as County Stor-All, present the perfect way to pack up your extraneous belongings, decreasing clutter and increasing available space in your home. Self storage carries the added benefit of keeping your stored belongings not only secure, but accessible so that you can easily retrieve them whenever you need. While your self storage unit keeps your belongings safe from would-be thieves and from the heavy outdoor elements, you may still be concerned about pests damaging your belongings. Here are three ways to keep mice out of your storage unit.

Pack your belongings in plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes.

Mice love to nibble on cardboard, paper, and wood. Often, they use their chewed up bounties to create nesting materials, meaning that they start to set up house close by. Eliminate this temptation by packing away your belongings in plastic bins. Using plastic bins not only deters mice from nibbling on your belongings, but also carries added benefits. For example, clear plastic tubs allow you to easily see the items you have packed inside, making it easy to identify your belongings if you look for them. Further, plastic bins create an airtight seal, keeping other pests such as moths out of your belongings.

Place cotton balls soaked in mint oil near possible entrances.

A mouse is most likely to seek shelter and sustenance in a warm, dry space, and your storage unit could look quite inviting. In order to decrease your storage unit's appeal as a whiskered rodent's hideaway, turn to the fresh scent of mint. Mint oil gives off a scent that is too strong for a mouse to tolerate and acts as a deterrent to any whiskered, unwelcome guest. Soak cotton balls with mint oil and place them near any possible entrances, such as cracks in the walls, near the doorway, and near vents.

Repel mice with a bucketful of charcoal briquettes at the door.

Mice have an incredibly sensitive sense of smell. Just as the scent of peppermint acts as a deterrent, so does the scent of charcoal. When a mouse smells charcoal, it does not associate the scent with a viable food source and safety. Simply place a small bucket of charcoal briquettes near the door of your storage unit to keep mice away. This simple, inexpensive method is also very easy to maintain; simply just dump out the old briquettes and replace them with new ones any time you visit your self storage unit.