If you run an office, you might want to provide fresh, filtered water for your employees. One great way to do this is by having a water delivery service. Here are some of the top benefits of using a water delivery service.


One of the most obvious benefits to having a water delivery service in the office is convenience. Even if you have a small office with just a few people, having to pick up large cases of bottled water can be a hassle. Water delivery service allows the water to be delivered in a timely manner. You can also call to request for a sooner delivery if you run out before the next scheduled date. They will also change the large water bottles for you so that nobody in your office needs to do the heavy lifting.

Better for the Environment

If you want to lower your carbon footprint and have a "green" office, water delivery service (such as The Water Bus water delivery) is an excellent way to do that. It encourages employees to drink more water without using individual plastic bottles all day. They can bring in their own cups to fill up with water or you can provide them. If you want to help the environment, bring in reusable cups or paper ones that can be recycled. Provide a recycling bin for empty paper cups if you decide on this option. Stay away from cups made of foam as they go right into landfills.

Different Types of Water

There are also a lot of different types of water you can request for your office. Water delivery services not only have the standard filtered water, but they often have other varieties. For example, you can get reverse osmosis water or spring water, which is often better when using the water for soup, cocoa, tea, and coffee. The equipment used to dispense water often has a "cold" and "hot" water lever. This means you can get hot water right from the same bottle for tea or instant soup.

Maintenance of Water Equipment

Also consider the fact that most water delivery companies provide maintenance of the water equipment when needed. If you have had your water bottle holder for several months and now th hot water lever is suddenly not producing hot water, call up the company and ask them to inspect it. They will come out and see what the problem is, plus make repairs or replace it if necessary. This is a great benefit to this type of system.