Over time your windows will age and the frames could warp. This is an especially relevant threat if you have wooden window frames. The glass pane can get dislodged and the frame will no longer be air tight. If you have the right tools and equipment, you can reseal your glass panes and make your windows more efficient.

This article will explain how to make your windows air tight by fixing dislodged window panes:

Get the Right Tools

To make this basic repair, you need to have the right tools and supplies. First, you will need a painter's knife and utility knife. You will also need basic glass cleaner, gunk remover and several lint free rags. Finally, you need, painter's tape, a caulk gun and waterproof caulk.

Cleaning off the Old Caulk

Often, windows becomes dislodged because the old caulk shrinks and deteriorates as it ages. The caulk needs to seal the glass and hold it in place. Most of the time, removing the old caulk is easy if you just have a painter's knife. Scrape away the caulk and use the sharp edge to gouge out any caulk that might be stuck between the glass and the frame.

If the caulk is still strongly attached to the glass or the wood, you might need to cut it away with a utility knife. After the majority of the caulk is removed you can try to rub off the remnants with a rag soaked in gunk remover. Then, clean off the pane with a basic household window cleaner. At this point your pane will be ready for the new caulk.

Recaulking the Pane

The key to recalling the pane is making sure that you squeeze the caulk deep into the window, filling any gaps between the glass and the frame. To get a straight caulk line, you should tape off the glass. Place the tape about 1/8" from the edge of the glass so the caulk does not get all over the glass. You might want to use your finger to smooth out the caulk and create a stronger seal. Do this on both sides of the frame to give your pane the strongest seal.

In the end, you can prolong the life of your windows if you properly reseal the panes. You can significantly increase the efficiency of your home without spending too much money. It is an easy remodel that you should do as soon as you notice a dislodged pane. Contact a company such as Economy Glass custom windows to learn more.