Raising chickens is a business venture that can not only be profitable, but enjoyable as well. Chickens are a little different in an agricultural setting as opposed to a commercial one, as they will provide you with more eggs the happier they are with their surroundings. This is especially true when it comes to the nesting boxes that are used for egg laying and nightly roosting. If you just stack up some metal crates and expect that your chickens will be just fine, you should know that there are some changes that need to be made. Here are a few things that you should consider talking to a professional welder about when it comes to the nesting boxes you use for your chickens.

Implement a Metal Perching Rod

Once a hen decides that she wants to hatch her eggs, she can sit on them for 21 days or longer. During this time, she will not stray very far away from her nest unless she needs to stretch her legs or eliminate waste. For this reason, it is a good idea to implement a metal rod that runs the span of your nesting boxes for your hens to perch on when they do leave the nest. Make sure you leave open space beneath for falling waste, and this will usually help to cut down on manure landing inside of the nests where it is harder to clean.

Finely Weld Your Nesting Boxes Together

Chickens do not take kindly to sharp edges and roughness, and if you have nesting boxes that are crudely fashioned from rough metal, there is a good chance they will refuse to use them. Be sure you work with a skilled welder who can weld your stacked nesting boxes together uniformly and eliminate any rough edges that may be present.

Create a Metal Cutout Tray for Easy Access Cleaning

The base of the nesting box can get really dirty after a few hens have used the space for hatching their broods. To make your life a lot easier, it is a good idea to make sure your metal nesting boxes have removable trays at the base for quick cleanup. The tray should slip into the base securely to keep the hens from pushing the tray out when they are building their nests.

With a little time, ingenuity, and a good welding professional to turn to, your nesting boxes will be a preferable place for your group of chickens. And chickens that have a happy resting place will be much more likely to produce well for you. Contact a welder, such as one from K-Indu Ltd welding, to get started on your nesting box designs today.