Many types of window repairs can be avoided entirely with a few basic DIY projects, making it important that you become familiar with the differences between fixes that require professional help and what can be achieved on your own. Rather than spend hundreds or thousands on replacing the windows in your home right away at the first sign of problems, it is best to look into what the exact issue is and how you can restore the windows on your own.

Add Insulation to the Window Trim

If you notice a draft entering your home through the windows when they are closed shut, it is a major sign that there is a problem with the insulation. This can lead to more expensive heating and cooling bills throughout the year, so it is vital that you take care of improving the insulation as early as possible.

Luckily for those on a small budget, improving the insulation is as simple and affordable as picking up weather-stripping material and adding it the seams around your window trim.

Seal Any Cracks or Other Damages

Damage to your windows can occur from slamming the window shut too hard or even the window being struck by a rock or baseball. Whatever was the cause of damage, the windows may be cracked or have chips that need to be addressed at some point due to safety issues. While replacing the window is necessary for extensive damages, you should be able to fix minor issues on your own.

Sealing cracks or damage typically will require a window sealing kit, along with even replacing an entire glass panel if the damage is significant, but the frame is still in good shape.

Repair a Broken or Loose Lock

If you've noticed that the lock in your window is broken or simply malfunctioning, it is essential that you get it fixed right away. Purchasing a new sash lock and installing it on your own should be very affordable and take only 10 minutes to improve the security.

Restore Weathered Windows with Paint

If you feel that the trim around your windows looks worn down, bringing down the value of your home, it is best to look into picking up paint so that you can add a new coat of paint and help restore the windows as you like. This is also a good opportunity for adding a new pop of color.

With so many quick improvements you can handle on your own, there's no reason to make window replacement your first step. If the damage or wear exceeds what the projects above can fix, you can then start comparing options for window replacement.  

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