If you operate a business with a lot of inventory, you likely have a significant warehouse operation in place in order to keep everything in stock. If your warehouse is typical of most, you may also use a large number of pallets when shipping your merchandise in bulk or when putting it into long-term storage on site. Most businesses that use pallets usually shrink wrap them in order to secure the merchandise while it's in transit, but if you are still shrink wrapping your merchandise by hand, you're not working as efficiently as you could be. Here are three reasons why you might want to look for pallet wrapping equipment for sale in your area in order to streamline the process.

More Consistency Equals More Safety

If you are used to walking around your pallets and wrapping by hand, you may have a certain number of wraps in mind before you decide a pallet is secure. But as the day goes on and employees get tired, it might not be uncommon for an employee to cut a corner or two and run the shrink wrap around the pallet less than the ideal number of times. A pallet wrapping machine will never have this problem. You can set the machine to wrap around each pallet the exact number of times you want and you will get the desired result every time. A fully shrink-wrapped pallet will keep your merchandise in place and your employees and/or customers safe.

Free Up Workers for Other Tasks or Save on Labor Costs

If your warehouse handles a large number of pallets each day, you likely have an employee or two assigned to do nothing but wrap them for a significant portion of their shift. If you bring in a machine that can automate the process, this will free up your workers to take on other tasks or it might even allow you to cut back on some of the hours you are assigning and save money on labor.

It Simply Looks Better

If you're like most business owners, you likely take great pride in your company and want everyone to have a great impression of you. Sending a pallet off somewhere with a shoddy shrinkwrap job that was done by hand can impact your client's perception of you. Pallets that are shrink-wrapped using automated equipment will all look uniform and professional.

If you are still shrink-wrapping your pallets by hand, it might be time to look at some equipment that can take care of this repetitive task for you. Pallets shrink-wrapped using professional equipment will be wrapped correctly and consistently, freeing up your employees to tackle other tasks. Contact a stretch wrap equipment company, such as Fox Packaging Services, today for more information.